As I announced a few weeks ago, I am officially idling this site today (mostly), and am doing so for the Talk Timbers message board.

You can read the announcement thread there for more of my reasoning why I am doing it, but I felt the time for the relevance of the board and my site had passed, so it was time to turn them into a historical document and move on.

For those who have asked, I do intend to keep the board and website available and will retain ownership of the domain, so the archives should always be available.  I will occasionally update this site (and will keep the results column down the left side updated for this season), but for the most part this site is idling as well. I am working on another Portland blog that will occasionally have Timbers content and will post that link on here when it’s up.

To those of you who have been supportive of the site and my efforts, and who have also been very complimentary and supportive of my decision to move on, I thank you and repeat that this entire endeavor has been my honor, and I’ve enjoyed every minute and hope to get the chance to say hello to many of you frequently as I find my seat in the north end.

There were also a well-known few who tried so hard to bring the board down a few years ago, and who couldn’t resist the chance to kick me on the way out when I announced my decision to shut the board down, I wish you good luck as well, and I can proudly say that your attempts failed as I am leaving on my own terms.

To all Timbers fans old and new, I thank you and remember when you root, you root for the Timbers!

RCTID all!